Odoo SaaS Setup

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Versions : Odoo v9, Odoo v10, Odoo v11
Editions : Community Edition

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Want to offer Odoo ERP-Ecommerce system as a service? or want to offer your own Branded ERP-Ecommerce System as a service.? And at the same time want to manage the full process of Customer Management, Subscription Management, Database Management, Security Management, Recurring Invoicing Management,? then OdooMart, “Odoo Setup as SAAS” service pack let you do the same by offering the following services to provide ERP-Ecommerce system as a service to your clients.


  • Work with Odoo Community / Enterprise for version 9 and 10 on client cloud server.
  • Full domain support with customer getting their own domain with auto domain check.
  • Full control on the trail database with 2 hours to 30 days controlling ability and destroying the dummy databases.
  • Fully covered SSL certificates setup.
  • Work on any domain / subdomain.
  • Any Payment Gateway Integration ( Default is PayPal ).
  • Full monitoring of SAAS system with ability to increase / decrease the user’s, storage limit, duration time.
  • Full supported recurring invoicing.
  • Ability for customer to reset their own password as well as ability to control the number of users with is the customer database.
  • Full monitoring of all of your offerings

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