Product Code and Barcode based on Category Code #Odoo

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This module will help auto generate the 12 digit product code ( Internal Reference ) based on the assigned product category ( Internal Category) to the product. Many Companies generate their product code and item SKU based on product categories and sub categories. So that just by checking the SKU they can know the product and its category. This module also generate EAN13 Barcode from the generated Product SKU.

  • Product Category Codes
  • Auto Product SKU Generation
  • Code Sequence based on assigned category.
  • Every Category product have separate sequence counter to follow.
  • Auto EAN13 Barcode for Product based on Product SKU

We have customise the Product Code of 12 Digit based on it Category. For Example, now we will create the product categories with their code in this hierarchy : Furniture –> Bedrooms –> Beds –> Single Bed. Furniture with Category code 61 , Bedrooms with Category code 01 , Beds with Category Code 01, Single Bed with Category Code 01 .Then will create a Product named ” Metallic Bed” and assign category “Furniture/Bedrooms/Beds/Single Bed” to this product under Inventory tab. Now when you save the product it will generate the SKU code based on category i.e 61 01 01 01 0001.

Auto Product Code Generation based on Category in Odoo
Auto Product Code Generation based on Category in Odoo
Product Code and Barcode based on Category Code #Odoo

Feel free to ask if you have any query related with this module or you want any further customise feature in it. THANK YOU

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